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The company has an active portfolio of 1239.8MW in Renewable Energy projects.

These projects are in various stages (licensing, construction or operation) as follows:


  • In Operation

    • 4 Photovoltaic Parks, 2.9MW - total


  • Ready to build (with Installation License)

    • 2 Wind Farms, 34+38MW

    • 1 Biomass Plant, 7.6MW


  • Installation License expected 

    • 4 Wind Farms 100MW


  • With Production License (awaiting Environmental approval)

    • 2 Wind Frams, 30MW


  • With Production License (awaiting authorities licensing)

    • 8 Wind Farms, 248MW


  • Applied for Production License to the Regularatory Authority

    • 15 Wind Farms, 349.3MW

    • 2 Hybrid Wind Farms, 46MW

    • 1 Off-Shore Wind Farm, 261MW


In Serbia the company is developing 2 Wind Farms, totalling 123MW with Production License and the projects are awaiting Environmental approval

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